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A friend recommended Bruce when I asked if he knew of a contractor for my renovation. He said he was sold after meeting Bruce for his kitchen re-do. He turned his project over to Bruce and the whole process was a non-event for him, almost a turn-key operation. He believed that Bruce is dependable and honest.

Bruce recommended a past client. I visited her home and the renovation looked beautiful and well done. She said she did not interview another contractor as Bruce came highly recommended and she trusted her friendís opinion.

I interviewed Bruce and another contractor. I felt that Bruce was more down-to-earth and honest. His cost estimates of tasks appeared to be reasonable. I hired Bruce with the intent to arrange for some of the subcontracting work myself. All worked out well with a few instances of jumping through hoops trying to schedule work between Bruce and my subcontractors. I was the person in the middle, not a fun place to be in.

In retrospect, I think Bruce would have been more effective if he handled the entire project himself. He has a better idea when a subcontractor should appear and he can arrange or schedule the work more easily than I can. However, all worked out fine.

There were a few surprises that came with the project and Bruce was quick to call with his assessments, options, and their costs for me to dwell on. Also, when he saw the opportunity to make the issue look better or the change more functional, his ideas were spot on.

I would definitely hire Bruce to do another project with me. In fact, I have strongly recommended him to other friends who may be thinking of renovating. He is very dependable, honest and trustworthy. In my mind, at times, Bruce is the ultimate perfectionist. When I commented that it neednít be that perfect, he would say ĎI want you to be happy with my work.í I have absolutely no complaints. The place looks terrific!

Carol C.
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